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                    Welcome to Shijiazhuang Bogart Chemical Co., Ltd??
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                    Aerial Crop Protection of Alkyl ethyl sulfonate

                    Aerial Crop Protection of Alkyl ethyl sulfonate
                    Product name:Aerial Crop Protection of Alkyl ethyl sulfonate

                    Aerial Crop Protection of Alkyl ethyl sulfonate



                    Alkyl ethyl sulfonate is a barrel mixture that is usually added to pesticide spray cans together with pesticides and can be used to reduce negative effects such as drift and bounce and improve the efficacy of active ingredients.It can be used in combination with the combined pharmaceutical products such as Thidiazuron. Diuron + Ethephon, Mesosulfuron-methyl herbicides, etc., which can  significantly improve the efficiency of pesticide use.F8690 is an improved alkyl ethyl sulfonate, it is specifically for flight defense operations. It can effectively inhibit flocculation problems when the liquid is used in high concentrations.It has a strong resistance to hard water.

                    Properties and uses

                    This product is a light yellow transparent liquid at room temperature and soluble in water. It is a highly active and highly permeable assistant.It has excellent emulsifying, wetting and osmotic properties.It can be used in mixing barrels with  Thidiazuron. Diuron + Ethephon cotton defoliant , which can exacerbate plant aging, make green leaves fall off, facilitate mechanical harvesting, improve cotton products, and do not pollute cotton wool.

                    It can be used in mixing barrels with Mesosulfuron-methyl herbicides,which can   increase  he adhesion and penetration speed of droplet on weed leaves, reduce droplet drift, improve the action speed, reduce the adverse effects of drought and low temperature on the efficacy, and ensure  the stability of efficacy.




                    Solid content,%

                    Surface tension/,mN/m

                    clear yellowish liquid





                    Packing200kg/ plastic drum

                    transportation and storagestorehouse should be dry and ventilate. It is nontoxic and nonflammable and shipped as general chemical.

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