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                    Welcome to Shijiazhuang Bogart Chemical Co., Ltd??
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                    Tank Mixed Adjuvant

                    Tank Mixed Adjuvant
                    Product name:Tank Mixed Adjuvant

                    Tank Mixed Adjuvant


                    Main componentsMethylated vegetable oil and special Auxiliary mixed.


                     F8650 is based on methylated vegetable oil ,  Use of unique recipes and advanced production processes.It has the advantages of high affinity for target, highcompatibility, and safety for crops.It can be used alone on green agricultural products or in combination with various acaricides, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, etc..It can obviously improve the prevention and treatment effect of insect mites, and it has certain role of egg killing.

                    Advantages of Products:

                    1.It is widely used in barrel mixing and flight prevention spray, which can significantly reduce the surface tension of the liquid.It makes the droplet even, delicate and sticky. It can effectively improve the moisture of the hydrophobic plant leaves.

                    2.It can promote the dissolution of the waxy layer and egg shell and accelerate the absorption and transmission of the drug in the plant.

                    3.It can prolong the drying time of pesticide droplets and increase the continuous absorption of the target to the agent.

                    4.It has resistance to rainwater erosion, low temperature, and evaporation, which can improve the anti-drift ability of the liquid, promote the settlement of droplets, and significantly improve the utilization rate of the liquid.

                    5.It is used in conjunction with the agent, and the synergy of pesticides is obvious.


                    1.During the growing period of the crop, dilution 1000 times is mixed with other drugs; It can also be used alone in a reasonable period of time.

                    2.Cleaning the orchard,dilution 400 to 500 times is mixed with other drugs.

                    3.Irrigation:500 ~ 1000ml / Mu mixed with pesticides, fertilizers.




                    Solid content,%


                    Surface tension/,mN/m

                    clear yellowish liquid






                    Packing200kg/ plastic drum

                    transportation and storagestorehouse should be dry and ventilate. It is nontoxic and nonflammable and shipped as general chemical.

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